About Me

Hello, I’m your host for this website. While I admit to loving Brisbane now, this has not always been the case. In fact prior to 1988 I hated it. And if you can remember what life in Brisbane was like prior to the Bi-Centennial in1988, you may even agree. The city has blossomed in the last 25 years and now lives up to it’s logo – Beautiful One Day, Perfect the Next.

For anyone interested I will give more details about myself later, but suffice to say I was originally a TenPoundPom, am still with the man I married 55 years ago, have had varied professions in a number of countries, and still love studying at academic level. Fortunately with time more freely available, I can enjoy my interests, which is enjoying all the events so freely available in the Brisbane locale. This site will allow me to share the experiences with you, and at the same time indulge in exchanging views of life, as the present ticks away to become the past.

So if you scan the next few pages and find we have something in common, please visit from time to time.


About Brisbane

Once the newly emerging colony was ready to extend its base from Sydney inquisitive explorers travelled north. The equable climate and excellent vegetation encouraged settlement alongside the convoluted Brisbane River, although until 1988 it was considered “a large country town”, because technically and socially it was a few decades behind the other capital cities. Then in that same year it celebrated both the bi-centennial and World Expo 

The city enjoyed a three month long party, and the rest, as everyone rightfully agrees, is indeed ‘history.’ 

While I love the city as it is in the present, I feel the real enrichment comes from knowing how it developed in the past – and I hope you share some of this with me in the page About Brisbane. But I would also like to test some of your knowledge too and have put together a Brisbane quiz just to see if you recognise some of the sites for the photos – and maybe match them?

Finally, if you are an outsider – please feel free to write to me and ask for details of places, organizations or events you are interested in. I have compiled a page Fun4Free as a starter as I am only too conscious that most of us are on tight budgets. But as you will see, this does not preclude singles, couples or families enjoying our local area in an abundance of events almost every week of the year.

So dear reader – go forth – and enjoy – Beautiful Brisbane.