About Me

One of the things you learn as you go through life is that it is possible to share many interests with a person, but not all. Ergo: a long life gives opportunity to meet a mixture of people, visit a number of places, and do a good many interesting things. However, while this page is supposed to allow you to know more about me, I’ll cut it short.

Once leaving England as TenPoundPoms we spent many years travelling and living and working in America, Canada and Bali to name a few of the longer stays. When finally settled in Toowooma, Queensland, Australia, we built a lovely home in an idyllic setting and family life soon extended to dogs, cats, a goat and a variety of wild life.

In 1975 the NEAT scheme was introduced which allowed mature-age students back into tertiary education, and I embraced it like a duck to water.  I began with a BA called Life Management, which provided introductions into many disciplines such as Biology, Botany, Sociology, Consumerism and first levels of Civil and Family Law. I was hooked, and for the next few decades extended my knowledge in all of these disciplines, including a few more in the Arts. You could say I became a Jill of all trades and Master of none –  although the interest in law was soon furthered into crime writing. I became a member of CrimeWriters Queensland and more recently Sisters in Crime.

But time moves on and after 30 years in Toowoomba, so did we, this time into the delightful small town of Narangba. Now we ramble around in a large cottage and have once again not only become friendly with the wild life but find them only too happy to offer opinions on my writing endeavours.

A wonderful rail service allows easy access to Brisbane so that I can embrace both country and city life, while still allowing time to continue my writing and studies (at present criminology and forensic science).

For those of you interested in knowing more about my literary bio, you can follow the links below.  In the meantime, please join me in getting to know Brisbane, a city worthy of interest.




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