About Brisbane

Brisbane was the original homeland of the Turribal and Jagera peoples. It was pronounced “Mean-jin” and means like a spike.

Although the original 1788 settlers developed the colony first in Sydney, then later in Victoria, by 1824  secondary offenders were sent up to the Moreton Bay penal settlement at Redcliffe, which was situated at the mouth of the Brisbane River.  Redcliffe, is 28 kilometre north of the CBD.

Queen Street was a barracks between 1827 and 1830 and housed up to 1,000  convicts

Old Government House was the home of Lord and Lady Lamington. (Yes, lamington cakes were named after them in 1900.)

In 1930 Brisbane City Hall was built as a public works to offset some of the unemployment caused by the Depression. It cost 1 million pounds and became Australia’s largest city hall. During 2010-2013 it was remodelled for a cost in excess of $215 million dollars.


Within days of the attack on Pearl Harbour, Brisbane became host to over 75,000 American troops. It was the closest city to the Pacific war ‘action’, but still out of range of Japanese bombers. The river was soon lined with hundreds of wharves to build, repair and dock ships

Movies.    Jackie Chan’s First Strike, 1966. This action film was shot partially in Brisbane. (The scene features a car chase and explosion in Fortitude Valley’s China Town Mall.  The mall’s pagoda was destroyed and subsequently rebuilt after the filming.) China Town has since been re-odelled again – and sadly the pagoda has not been replaced.


Beautiful one day Perfect the next.

What a great slogan for a city. And what’s more it’s true.  With the exception of a few days when it is a tad too hot, and a few others that leave us hunting for a warm coat, our temperate climate is the envy of the world. Our variables rarely go beyond 32 degrees and below 12 degrees, which means we can enjoy the abundance of outdoor activities and close proximity to beaches, rainforests and reefs.


In 2014, Brisbane was named Australia’s hippest city by Lonely Planet. The latest Australian edition of the Lonely Planet guide says Brisbane is “arguably Australia’s hippest city”, describing it as an “energetic river town on the way up, with an edgy arts scene, pumping nightlife and great coffee and restaurants”.