The Power of Podcasts

The Power of Podcasts is our first podcast for the 2020’s. It offers a brief overview of the growth of this media phenomenon that currently borders on frenzy. Hundreds of new shows are available every day and the diversity of content is staggering. Our guests cover three main show types, namely

The Iron Fist and Velvet Glove –  a news and views panel discussion

The Collaboration –  An Audio Drama. This script is by Jill Korn and is based on the time Edith Piaf was interrogated  as a traitor.

Crime Pursuit – True Crime – and the most popular genre of all. This segment by Lauren van Sickle is on the disappearnce of Chance Englebert.

Starting the show is Lyndal Harris, from Podcast VA, with her take on why podcasts are so popular.

Introductory Music for The Power of Podcasts is My FriendSskippy, available from Bensound Royalty free music. 

Next show – Youth – and what it is like being a teenager in 2020.